A new international restaurant & bar, serving fresh, local and sustainable food and refreshing drinks throughout the day.

Located in the old Biarritz harbour where we keep our small fleet of traditional Basque hand line fishing boats, we serve the very best of local Atlantic and Pyrenean food together with the more interesting International cuisine.


Biarritz Mussels 10€
St Jean-de-Luz Tuna 20€/100g
Tunnaro Mexo 35€
Bayonne Jambon 16€
Guiness 5€
Hipster Juice €12

In-between surfing & fishing, we make great food.

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    Come in relax, and say hello

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    This food is so, so good, but I would say that

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    Just chill out watching the surf roll in

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    If you are the very best, call us or email as we want you to work with us.

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Fresh in the Restaurant today:

Oak Smoked Cod’s Roe, Fennel & Rye Crackers €6.80
Flame Grilled Mackerel Sashimi, French Mustard & Cucumber €9.50
Rest Beach Club Salad with Radish & Turnip €6.50
Scottish Blood Pudding, Braeburn Apple & Radicchio €9.00
Venison Sausages & Greengage Ketchup €9.50

Fresh Blood Orange Juice €5
Kenya Peaberry Coffee €3

My Rest Beach great drinks
Rest Beach great coffee
Rest Beach great food


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We follow 2 fundamental rules about the food we serve. It must be sourced within our region which means that we pay a premium for food from our doorstep. However, what a doorstep that is, so we do everything we can, often above and beyond what makes economic sense to make sure our food sources are sustainable for generations to come. For example, our Tuna is line caught and what we don't decide is the perfect Tuna, we return unharmed. We know this because we catch the Tuna ourselves.

Rest Bay Restaurant
No2 Bvd de Port
Biarritz 6401234

MON-SAT 06:00-23:00hrs

Booking 0123456789

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