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The PADDY stacks were created to do incredibly useful simple stuff that was either not possible in any other stack or wasn't as simple or informative to use as the PADDY stacks. They are lightweight and fast to edit and preview, and have a small footprint and will work with Foundation & Foundry Projects and also our Templates. They can be combined together to provide complex functions such as breakpoint dependent proportional padding. Each has been designed and laid out as clearly as possible and plain English is used to describe the settings. Oh, and they come with every Project and Template at no additional charge.

STACKS 3.5compatible

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Webdeersign Paddy 2 Colum stack

The PADDY2Col stack is a very easy to use 2 column stack with complete control over the point at which screen size requires the 2 columns to stack one on top of each other. However, it also has 2 advanced features that make it a unique 2 column stack. The stack has 2 breakpoints and the 2 columns can collapse above and below a range of screen sizes. Also the 2 columns can be swapped when in 2 column mode - otherwise known as pulling and pushing the columns. Make sure to examine the demo of a 2Col inside a 3Col below.

  • Main application is to create 2 adjustable width columns
  • RapidWeaver Stacks3 stack designed to work with our Templates & Projects
  • Foundation & Foundry compatible
  • 2 Breakpoints to choose when exactly to collapse columns for a range of screen sizes
  • Zero gutter and padding allows simple but complex layouts
  • Designed to work with other PADDYCol stacks
  • 4 easy setting: Set the the 1 or 2 Breakpoints, adjust split and swap columns.
  • Advanced Custom Class feature
  • Included with every new Project & Template

BUY PADDY stacks suite

Note that the complete PADDY stacks suite is included with every RapidTemplate & RapidProject at a lower price of $20.


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