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  • 100% SOURCE - Nothing but the best
  • Multiple Overlapped & Layered layouts to copy and paste into your projects
  • Uses the Source Blur & Frost effects
  • Creative effects not seen in RapidWeaver before
  • Perfect for product, service and blog items.
  • Check out the demo and each of the pages

Based on 100% SOURCE, the speed in Edit and Preview is outstanding and the published code is tiny making the page load speed fast.

Unique Blur and Frost effects.


This Project would be ideal for:

Any creative web site where the most up to date method of displaying content is required

Ideal for blog content where a high level of presentation is required or heavy text content needs to be made more appealing

Sites where simplicity and visual appearance are most important

The Grid layouts are super lightweight to download to any device. Most of the layouts will auto adjust to content added, and they can all be adjusted to perfectly adapt to any content combination. How layers appear over or under any other layer is easy to define. These layouts are ready to copy and paste into your designs.

The layouts are fast and achieve 100% in Google PageSpeed Insights

Freelance Creative Web Design in Wales