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This is our most popular project ever - Project 13, rebuilt and brought up to date for 2022 using SOURCE to load as fast as possible to acheive a 100% PageSpeed result. It uses far less stacks than the original Foundry and Foundation versions, has layouts that are simpler and the only non SOURCE stack used, is Splider - simpler, faster, better. It has also been enhanced with addional grid hover effects that display click or "hover on me" indicators, that maximise the grid space available.

  • Total SOURCE rebuild and enhancement of our most popular Project 13.
  • webP image support with HTACCESS mod for all images including BG, slides, etc..
  • Usable hover effects with click or hover on me indication.
  • Multiple ways to present grids to access further information
  • Uses the super light Splider slider to create hero and embedded iPhone slide displays.
  • Check out the demos and each of the pages

This Project would be ideal for:

Creating grids of items, information services, etc.. Perfect for building a front end to an online shop

The Demo pages layouts are designed to be cut and pasted into your designs.


All images served as optimised webP with jpg/png fallback for 21% of browsers that don't support webP.

The layouts are fast and achieve 100% in Google PageSpeed Insights

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