• Webdeersign Project Screenshots
  • Webdeersign Project Screenshots
  • A single page Template with multiple modular configurations laid out in 1 demo page
  • A "Timeline" style page to illustrate a timeline of activity such as a CV or history, or can be used to illustrate a process path.
  • Additional Starter Page included for building your own design
  • Only Stacks3 and free stacks & theme required
  • All images, icons, backgrounds, etc., packaged as a warehouse folder
  • Advanced techniques are all documented
  • Includes PADDY stack suite



Please note that this Template has been retired and is no longer available for purchase.

T2Min Requirements

  • Stacks3
  • Free "donationware" stacks & theme required

T2Optional stacks

  • inStacks Gallery3

T2What's included

  • PADDY stacks suite
  • PDF documentation & extensive notes inside Template
  • RW6 project file (can be loaded into RW7)
  • Warehouse folder with all images used


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Template 2, Demo 1 is a single page style design that includes several variations of a layout suitable for a Timeline or process illustration. Perfect for a CV, BIO, history or other layout that requires a logical path or order to be displayed. Anything can be placed on either or both sides of the "Line".

This Template has now been retired. A great deal of development has occurred since this Template was released and while it still works beautifully, the original Sections stacks have been replaced with newer versions and the original versions are no longer available. To re-write this Template to use the new versions of the stacks would be a significant amount of work. Subject to interest in this Template, I will revisit this template if the demand is great enough.