Rest Beach


All text, PDF menus and images on this page, are editable via the CMS. A new international restaurant & bar, serving fresh, local and sustainable food and refreshing healthy drinks throughout the day. Located in the old Biarritz harbour where we keep our small fleet of traditional Basque hand line fishing boats, we serve the very best of local Atlantic and Pyrenean food together with a selection of the more interesting International cuisine. (This text is created by S4S dropCMS).
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Biarritz Mussels €10
St Jean-de-Luz Tuna €20/100g
Tunnaro Mexo €35
Jambon Bayonne €20
Hipster Juice €10




Rest Beach


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Fresh in the restaurant today

La Lotte
St Jean-de-Luz Tuna
Tunnaro Mexo Mambo
Hipster Juice
Chef's Special: Monkfish & Chorizo


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Basque cooking at its very best. Fresh and sourced locally from the foothills of the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean.


We follow 2 fundamental rules about the food we serve. It must be sourced within our region which means that we pay a premium for food from our doorstep. However, what a doorstep that is, so we do everything we can, often above and beyond what makes economic sense to make sure our food sources are sustainable for generations to come.